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VIP Email Club Q & A

Why should I sign up?

For starters, throughout the year, we have special discounts and offers available only to our VIP members.  So if you don’t sign up, how will you know?!

We also keep our VIP member up to date when there is special news about Cirella’s.

Why do you want my birthday and anniversary month?

From time to time, we send a little gift to out customers to help celebrate their special days.

Do you sell or share my information?

We will never sell your information or share it outside of Cirella’s Family Restaurants.  We may provide you information on other Cirella’s Restaurants though.

Is this a lifelong commitment?

No, you can opt out at any time!

How do I change my information?

Anytime you receive an email from us, we’ll provide a link on the bottom to update your information or to (gasp) unsubscribe.